Indie Speed run  is a game development competition. Where each games has to be made by a small team  in less than 48 hours using a randomly assigned theme and element.

Our theme : LanguageElement : A Survey.

What we did :

Description :

Ever dreamed of making aliens take a survey at the exit of the subway ?
Well, let's play "Do you have a minute ?" !

Take the control of Robby, a survey bot : spy on subway passengers to discover which language they speak, and wait for them at the exit to deliver them surveys !

How to Play :

Turn the sound ON !

Observation phase :
Listen carefully to the voice on the tape recording

Spy phase :
Spy passengers to discover which language they speak.
[Mouse] : move the microphone

Survey phase :
Give surveys to passengers you identified in observation phase
[Arrows] : Move
[Space] or [left mouse click] : give a survey

Credit :

Team : La Gang